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Animal cruelty is everyone's business. Help your SPCA to prevent it.

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It's difficult to belIeve that a 12-year old boy continued to ride this horse, despite such severe, raw saddle sores (pictured alongside) on its back. We can only imagine how much it must have hurt the animal.

But that wasn't all our Inspectors found when they examined the horse. It also had severe damage to its teeth, caused by the makeshift 'bridle' of wire fastened into its mouth.

Another horse on the property had severe laminitis – a painful inflammatory condition of the tissues that bond the hoof wall to the bone in the horse's hoof. Despite the fact that laminitis is a serious crippling condition, the boy claimed the horse was just lazy and that is why it wouldn't walk.

Both sufferIng horses were confiscated by the Bloemfontein SPCA and charges of animal cruelty have been laid against the owner and the boy.

This is just one of several cruelty cases reported to our SPCA since the beginning of the year. Our Inspectors are committed to speaking for animals that can't speak for themselves, and taking action to prevent animal suffering.But the truth is, we can't continue this vital work without support from others who care ... people like you who detest cruelty to animals as much as we do, and who are prepared to reach out and help.

Please will you walk beside our Inspectors as they strive to right the wrongs inflicted on so many defenceless animals. Your donation is urgently needed to pay for animal feed, equipment and fuel for the Inspectors' vans. Please click the button below to donate right now online. Thank you.


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The largest SPCA in the Free State, serving Manuaung and surrounding areas, Bloemfontein SPCA is a registered non-profit organisation (002-592 NPO ) and a member of the National Council of SPCAs. We rescue abused and neglected domestic, farm and wild animals, provide a shelter for stray and unwanted animals, offer a pet adoption facility, and educate pet owners on animal care.

We believe in the five freedoms for all animals:
• Freedom from hunger, thirst and malnutrition
• Freedom from discomfort
• Freedom from pain, injury or disease
• Freedom from fear and distress
• Freedom to express normal behaviour

We rely on the community we serve for the funds needed to provide our vital service. If you would like to support your SPCA please click the button to make a cash donation online. We also gratefully accept donations of pet food, blankets and other items.




We work tirelessly, and cover thousands of kilometres every year, to rescue animals from abuse and neglect, and bring those responsible to justice. Our mandate extends not only to domestic pets, but includes farm animals, reptiles and wild animals. Over the past 20 years, 97% of cases brought to court by the Bloemfontein SPCA have resulted in a successful conviction.


We provide veterinary treatment for abused and injured stray animals, as well as basic health care – including vaccinations, sterilisation and parasite control – for dogs and cats belonging to underprivileged people who cannot afford the services of a private veterinarian. Our free dog dipping service is crucial in providing tick and flea control, without which skin irritation and infection becomes a health issue.


Wherever possible, we endeavour to find new and better homes for stray animals, and those that have been abandoned, surrendered, abused or injured. We urge prospective pet owners to adopt rather than buying from breeders and pet shops, which results in a pet overpopulation, with not enough homes to go round.


Our SPCA runs an education programme for school children, teaching them compassion for animals and the basics of responsible pet ownership. Through outreach projects into these communities, we teach people about the need to vaccinate pets against rabies and other deadly disease and the importance of de-worming and parasite control. We also aim to sterilise as many pets as possible.

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Stories about our work – and how your donations help

dog kept in underwear drawer

Animal Hoarding

Animal hoarding is a recognised psychological condition where those affected have a compulsion to collect more and more pets which they are unable to care for, causing untold misery and suffering for the animals.

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premises of registered breeder

Prisoners of greed

Bloemfontein SPCA recently raided the premises of a registered dog breeder and rescued 70 small dogs that had suffered for years. Inspectors described it as a ‘house of horror’, with the breeder placing profit over the well-being of the dogs.

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premises of registered breeder

Ridden almost to death

One of the worst cases of animal abuse and neglect, this palomino mare suffered severe beatings and injuries from ill fitting tack. We urge horse owners not to sell their animals to people who have no regard or compassion for animals.

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We are entirely dependent on the community for the funds we need to continue rescuing and protecting animals. Please support our work for the sake of animals that are suffering and in distress. Thank you.


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Bloemfontein SPCA has a small, thriving plant nursery offering great bargains on pot plants, succulents and small shrubs.
Visit us to stock up with growing gifts for the festive season – or shrubs and groundcovers to make your garden blooming beautiful!

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We appreciate donations of pet food, blankets and old newspapers, as well as maintenance items like paint, office supplies and equipment, etc. Please contact us to find out what our current needs are.

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Our generous sponsors, Alexander Forbes and Viking Transport donate a portion of proceeds to our SPCA ... so by choosing these companies for your investment and transport needs, you not only get great services, you also help animals in distress.

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Run a marathon ... accept a dare to skydive ... or cycle a race and ask friends and loved ones to donate to our SPCA in honour of your achievement. Or ask people to donate to the SPCA rather than buying you a gift for your birthday, anniversary or wedding.

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One sentence in your Will could make all the difference to an animal's life! Please remember the Bloemfontein SPCA when you come to draw up your Will – and consider including a bequest of cash, property or a percentage of the residual of your estate (what is left after all other bequests and taxes have been paid).


Recent happenings at the Bloemfontein SPCA

Chained dogs suffer

Despite it being illegal to keep dogs on a chain the practise continues, causing untold misery.

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Thank you for your support

We are grateful to our generous donors for their ongoing support.

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Saved from the pot

This tortoise was about to become someone's dinner!.

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Healing work of the SPCA

Our animal clinic is kept busy treating sick and injured animals.

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Dog's ears cut off

In yet another case of suspected dog fighting, this dog's ears have been cut off.

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Greyhounds saved from a life of misery

Many people use greyhounds to hunt or participate in illegal greyhound racing.

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A better deal for farm animals

The SPCA and government departments came together to educate rural farmers

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When dogs fight

Not for sensitive viewers.

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2017 Calendars available

Order these beautiful SPCA calendars at just R180 each.

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New theatre doorway complete

Thanks to Buco Hardware and the staff of Ruwacon, our dream of a new doorway is now reality.

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Warning: Not for sensitive viewers

These cases of animal cruelty and neglect are extremely distressing – but this is what we deal with on a daily basis.

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Compass to the rescue

Compass Medical Waste Services heard about the rescue of 93 cats by the Bloemfontein SPCA and immediately came to the party.

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93 cats rescued

A total of 93 cats and kittens, some of them sick, were removed from unhealthy conditions in this home

View more Nov 18, 2016

Recent cruelty cases

This starving dog is just one of several recent cases of cruelty investigated by the Bloemfontein SPCA

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Thank you

We are humbled by generous donations received from our caring community

View more Nov 3, 2016

No evidence in Chow death case

Despite rumours to the contrary, the Bloemfontein SPCA did investigate the death of a Chow two months ago

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Research links animal abuse and family violence

When animals are abused, people are at risk; when people are abused, animals are at risk. Historically, animal welfare agencies and human services agencies have worked independently from each other. However, research over the past 30 years by professionals in both fields has revealed a significant correlation between abuse of animals and abuse of people. Animal abuse is now considered a predictor crime and a warning sign that other family members in the household may not be safe.

It is not surprising, then, when professionals in both fields learn they are dealing with the same families, the same perpetrators and the same overarching problems. It is widely accepted that abuse and neglect in any form must be taken seriously and that often animal abuse is just the tip of the iceberg. Whether intentional or not, all cases of animal abuse or neglect can potentially be linked to other forms of abuse or dysfunction within the home. Knowing this, human services and animal welfare professionals in the USA and other countries have begun working together to combat abuse. South Africa must follow suit.

How is animal abuse connected to other family violence?
Abusers kill, hurt or threaten animals to exert power over their human victims or to use the animals as an example. This 'example' forces the victim to remain in the abusive relationship. Abusers may also kill the family pet in order to remove that source of comfort for the victim of abuse. In some cases, abuse victims may abuse animals as a way of exerting their own power and control over their own victim.

Hoarding of animals is also a form of animal abuse and has been linked to mental illness. Hoarded animals are usually not adequately fed and watered, not given space to run around, and are usually overcrowded in one house or room.

Dog fighting is another form of animal abuse which has been linked to guns, gangs, drugs and gambling. Children who are exposed to this environment are often desensitised to violence and cannot display empathy towards victims. The emotional impact on children who witness such abuse and violence can be lifelong and devastating. It is important to note that children being cruel to animals is not necessarily an exploratory stage of development but could be the earliest stages of conduct disorder.

Tip of the iceberg
Social welfare professionals have come to regard animal abuse as the tip of the iceberg of abuse. The way animals are regarded within a family is a window into interpersonal relationships and family dynamics.

Setting a healthy example
As with all forms of abuse, animal abuse is handed down from one generation to another. Children who are exposed to animal abuse and family violence absorb these unhealthy attitudes and family norms and, in turn, hand them down to the next generation, perpetuating the cycle.p class="lead uppercase">Thanks to Tamlyn Jolly, journalist, editor and proof reader - for this special report.

What can we do?
Increasing awareness of the link between animal abuse and family violence is fundamental in bringing about change within our society, for both animals and people. When animal abuse is taking place, it could mean a whole host of other abuse and family violence is lurking beneath the surface. By understanding this, we realise that a greater importance must be placed on reporting suspected animal abuse. Public awareness, including community presentations, school presentations and in-service training to professionals, helps spread the message of the link between animal abuse and family violence. In turn, an increased public awareness will result in better prevention of animal abuse and stopping it from escalating into family violence.

fact box

  • All forms of abuse must be taken seriously
  • Reporting animal abuse could prevent family violence
  • Abuse is passed on from one generation to the next
  • Children exposed to abuse of animals become desensitised to violence
  • The connection between animal and human abuse is real
  • Animal welfare organisations are often the first point of social services contact for a family in crisis

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